255/120 High Rate powered by our unique core engine with a set of balancing signatures to keep you focused on what matters most.  


Quality over quantity. Enjoy a vast array of carefully designed and streamlined updates and constant changes that will never leave you behind.


 Unleash your true power and potential. Building your character made simple while creating more room for that extra juice, freely and endless.

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What They’re Saying

“Very good server with great quality, I can tell how much effort they put into. I'm starting to love this server. GMs are friendly and approachable, they always listen and answers. More people are now joining, and all I can say is everything is fair, non-biased, well-balanced server, dungeons are the highlights as well as pvp with lots of extra features anybody would love to. I'm pretty new to the mechanics, it looks complex but they made all things straightforward and simple to grasp.”


“So we started playing this server, everything looks good, unique style, unique features and always up to date. I'm currently playing other servers but definitely I'll stay at fallenro and will be my main server. Im just waiting for this server to grow more. Balancing is perfect 10/10 items are all useful, no trash custom items 10/10. And I like the touch of RE good job with that. Economy in this server is one of the best too. Like ive said, theres no trash at all.”


“The evolution of this server is very impressive, the updates are very fast and it always brings something new, it never disappoints. A truly unique server and they just introduced the hybrid rates. If im going to break down the rates, leveling is mid-high, drops are low-mid, items-high, build&gameplay-high, quests-low-mid, dungeons-high. Its a mixture of rates and it's very sexy. Fallenro doesnt only talk about balancing anymore, this server is already an all rounder, just wow! Im satisfied.”


“Nice looking server from the inside out. Cool themes, awesome ideas. Game is fun, lot of things to do. It could be overwhelming at first but you'll learn to get along with the standards of the game. Unique high rate server which often surprises players like me from 255/120 and other rates coz this server has dynamic and hybrid rates, it's actually cool coz it changes the boring play of ro to something new. Donations are great, tried it myself, and vote points are just fun. All class is balanced.”

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